Your Home

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 1. Anti-Bug Barrier

  Establish a barrier 1-3 ft. up and 1-3 ft. out from the home

 2. Baiting/Trapping

  Identify and prevent specific household pests, if needed

 3. Wall Injection

  Flush out adult pests from wall voids

 4. Crack and Crevice

  Flush out adult pests from exterior cracks and crevices

 5. Spot Treatment

  Identify & prevent potential pest problems in the yard

 6. Granulation

  Establish a 10ft barrier around the perimeter of the home

 7. Web/Nest Removal

  Cleans webs, wasp nests, and egg sacks down from eaves and overhangs.

 8. Precision Treatment

  Establish barriers at entry points and migration paths

 9. Entry Points

  Pests need only 1/64 of an inch to enter your home